Laser Remover K-300
Laser Remover K-300

Laser system for precise cleaning of sensitive surfaces
Average laser power up to 300watt 
Large operating distance(up to 250mm)
Diode pumped solid-state laser
Very quiet water cooled system
Will not damage metallic surfaces
Laser class 4 product

輪胎橡膠清除demo Link:

       The K-300 laser system is very compact and enables the treatmentof small areas at a very competitive price.
The laser source is nearly maintenance-free and allows a cw-performance of 20watt. 

       It is equipped with a q-switch enabling a pulse peak power of up to 5kW to be achieved. 
It can be used in small-scale cleaning processes, selective pre-treatment for adhesion,or parts marking.
The laser system consists of a basic unit (19“plug in board 4HE), an optical light guide fiber and a processing head. 
       The basic unit houses the controlling system, cooling system, and beam source.A simple mains supply powers the operation. No other media is neded for treating parts

K-300 Technical data/K-300 技術参数

Size/外形尺寸 (l x w x h) [mm]                                                  500 x 800 x 600

Weight/重量 (approx.) [kg]                                                                 100                                 

Cooling System/冷却系统                                                                    水冷

Avg. Power/平均功率 [W]                                                                    300W                            

Wavelenght/波長 [nm]                                                                         1064nm

Max. Power /最大峰值功率[Wh]                                                       300[kwh]                         

Power Supply/電                                                                110V AC/230V AC (50Hz)

Pulse Frequency Range/重複頻率[Hz]                                               10-40K可調                    

Pulse Length/脈衝寬度                                                                     100ns@40KHz

Laser type/雷射類型                                                                             DPSSL                         

Hunmidity/濕[%]                                                                  5< 95, non-condensing

Min./Max. Ambient Temp./最小/最大環境温度 [°C]                           5 - 40                           


K-300 Rust removal efficienc/K-300除鏽效率

0.1~0.2mm   鏽層                                                                              3分鐘每平米                   

0.1~0.2mm   橡膠層                                                                             8~10分鐘